Hi all, I can't seem to find under alerts & actions the option to send an email to USAA instead of calling. It just suits my lifestyle better if my matter is not urgent. Do you know if it's moved or what??


Hey there!  Under the "Contact Us" option, you will see the option to "communicate with USAA" towards the lower right column. You may also click on this link: http://bit.ly/1IZlAOz.  If you need to send documents to us, you may click on the My Tools > Send Documents to USAA. We hope this is helpful. ~Jen

You can no longer email USAA!  This really upsets me.  I do not Chat or text.  I use a desktop computer!

I like to EMAIL for Corresponenced with individuals!

I'm sorry to hear that you are upset, @yllekad. I understand that this brings an inconvenience to you, I will have your feedback submitted on your behalf. ~  Samantha

You run these TV ads with fake people and you do not provide good service as you should.  I AM STILL WAITING for a purchase I made to my card to be paid as is the payee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You su ck.  The charge is pending and the merchant is about to cancel an item I really need!  And it just sits there "Pending."  Get your cr ap together and get is posted so I do not lose my purchase.


You are the worst!!!  And with your limited hours of phone support for customers it's a wonder you're still in business!!  You don't care about veterans and you are liars!

@newswatcher, we can understand the frustration. When you make a charge, and it is pending, it is approved on our end. It is up to the merchant on when they choose to collect on the payment (usually they do this within 3-5 days).  The charge would then show as pending.   You may chat with us 24/7 by clicking on the contact us option.  I have also sent you a private message as well. To access this message, click on your name in the upper right corner of the Member Community page and then select the envelope that appears.  Thank you.  ~JM

So now you've blocked me from the community!  You're wrong about chat, they are closed as is your telephone support.  I'm fed up with USAA.  I have an automobile quote, checking account pending.  I'm done with that.  I've contacted the merchant and they say "your card won't move the charge out of pending, we may have to cancel your order."  Should have used a reputable card like Discover or Chase and not USAA!  You should google USAA complaints and see the dozens of complaints about your company.  You're of no service to service people at all.

@newswatcher, we have not blocked you on any platform.  I simply referred you to read my private message sent to you. Since this is a public forum, we want to protect your privacy.  Please click on your name (in the upper right corner of member community page), and click on the envelope icon that appears on the list to review my message. Thank you.

Sorry you have had a bad experience.

I have been a member of USAA for over 50 years and found their services and customer service to be top notch. Yes, a few times in those years there were SNAFUs, but customer service quickly made it right.

I suggest you call again and see if they can fix things. That is what I did, but first I got my facts together as to what the problem was before I called.

Most of all, park your anger and be polite and calm. You get more flies with honey than viniger.

It is impossible to email USAA information.  I searched everywhere and even went down the tree described below, only to have screen tell me sending message as no longer an option.  See my experience below.


I wanted to be able to email USAA complicated information so they might review and then contact me to fill in needed details, MUCH more efficient than what took place.  See my adventure below.  I am writing for my 93 year-old father, for whom I am Power of Attorney for my father. 


The basic question was “Can USAA write an auto and umbrella policy for a elderly person who no longer drives, has no drivers license but keeps owns car and keeps it register registered for sentimentally in North Carolina (though his kids have the keys)?”  A car must be insured in NC if it is registered.


  • Dad currently has USAA Renters Insurance Policy, but no other USAA Policies.
  • I desired a quote for him for the following items - Auto Insurance and $1MM Umbrella Policy.
  • I put together the details, which are a bit complicated, into a Word Document to send to USAA.
  • However, I found no way to contact USAA via email, and was referred to chat or call options.
  • It is very inefficient to chat or call when you could send all details first so USAA can review and then contact the customer (me) with additional information needed.
  • I first tried chat option and provided chat person with data about the policies I wanted quoted.
  • Chat person indicated request was too complicated, and requested I call.
  • At that point, I uploaded my Word Document via my Dad's online account hoping someone would read and contact me, but after a week, it was obvious no one viewed that uploaded document.
  • I called, and as Power of Attorney for my father, it took 30 minutes for a to authenticate me, most of which was spent on hold.
  • Once authenticated, I proceeded with my request to have auto and umbrella policy quoted for my father.
  • Agent indicated she could quote only auto and transferred me to another agent who could quote both.
  • Thankfully, both agents could see my uploaded email.
  • She transferred me to next agent, Madison, to whom I explained my request.  By this time, I had been on call 40 minutes listening to interminable spacey new age hold music.
  • Madison read my uploaded Word document and started the quote process.
  • NOTE - this is where I SHOULD have started with my USAA live interaction if I had ability to email my request to USAA.
  • From here, my interaction went well, with Madison assembling a quote for my original request.
  • In the end, she could not quote umbrella policy as my father was not eligible for auto insurance as he does not have a drivers license.
  • The total call time was 88 minutes.


There must be a better way.  As a USAA member, but without current USAA policies for myself, I have thought about changing my own insurance to USAA.  After this experience, I am no longer considering.