Let me start off by saying I am happy with USAA and all the services they provide. But I would like to request a feature to correct an issue that happened to me. 


I was recently paying my bills online through the billpay feature and I had it schedule to pay 4 bills at the end of the month. I have done this before and I was confident in the system to have it pay them ontime with no issues so I did not wright down the confermation number. One week after the bills were soposed to be payed I got a visitor to my house saying that I did not pay the bill and I had 24 hours to pay the bill or they would cut off the utility. I told the person that I had the bill scheduled to be payed last week and it should have gone though but aparintly it did not. I found out after calling USAA to find the issue they said they had no record of the bill I was talking about to be payed. After talking to the help desk a while I found out that the only bill that was payed was my auto insurance that is with USAA. as for the other 3 bills that were soposed to be payed they had no records. 


I have now encured late fees and other charges to get my bills up to date. I would like a to request a feature that once you hit the last conferm button on billpay that USAA sends an email to the email address on record with a copy of the confermation number and a list of all the bills you payed with the amount you payed and with the date you scheduled eatch payment. 




Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestion, O@k. You can see any pending payments scheduled by going to Recent Payment Activity under the Pay Bills section. This will allow you to confirm if a payment is scheduled, even if you don't have the confirmation number. I'll be sure it's provided to our team that reviews member feedback during future enhancements. Please understand that due to the overwhelming number of suggestions, ideas, and the amount of feedback our members provide, I'm unable to notify a specific member if a process or procedural change is initiated due to the feedback submitted. - Cathleen

i am having this same issue for the third time in less than a year.   USAA doesnt accept responsibility.... shame.

if my tax bill doesnt reach the tax collector on time, i'm going to be nicked almost 

$1000 penalty.

c'm'on now USAA......


@SleighCapt, thank you for your post and feedback! We certainly want to look into this for you. I will have a specialist review this further.  Thank you.