I'd like to review all my spending from 2015. To do that, I need to download all my transaction. I had assumed that through USAA's budgeting tools, I'd be able to download a *.csv to do this, but I can only get it to show me the past 90 days or so of transactions. Seems arbitrary. 


Has anyone had success downloading ALL their transaction history? 


I also can't get Quicken to download any thing older than 90 days. I would like to have it ALL, for ALL accounts. 


Thanks for any help you can provide!



Did you ever find an answer? I've been trying to do this also.

I have been struggling with the same issue for years. I have talked to multiple customer service agents and had it confirmed that it is not possible. Seems crazy that Usaa would basically make it impossible to create a budget or answer a simple question like - how much did I spend at Starbucks in 2016.

I love everything about Usaa - except this.

Matt Nichols, your feedback regarding our Budgeting Tool is appreciated. I will be happy to share your  thoughts with our team for consideration on future enhancements to the service. Thank you. - Rhonda

Then why is it still the same old story? That was 2 years ago and still no change!

@F.A.M, I'm sorry to hear your frustration. I recommend contacting our technical support team at 877-632-3002 so that we can provide additional assistance. ~ Sam 

I agree, Matt. I think it is absolutely a burden to not be able to export at least the previous year's data. Not only that, I've done chats, called in, and went to a local branch. Not one agent has been able to pull the CSV file that I need for all of 2016 and drop it in my documents folder. I'm supposed to copy/paste data from PDF statements instead of a quick date search then export???!!! Come on USAA. The ability to export and manipulate financial data is crucial for taxes and budgets. Come into 2017!

Shtxag - I regret any frustration you experienced downloading transactions. Our troubleshooters are available 24/7 at 877-632-3002. Please say "technical support" when prompted. Thanks for speaking up and providing valuable feedback. - Jason

....And yes I know how to do the export online. It's just that USAA only pulls maybe 3-4 months of data. I should be able to export ALL of 2016 into a csv, not just a few months.

So here we are.  Another year has gone by and this problem has not been addressed in any way.  What is the status of getting this problem fixed USAA?  When will we be able to download a full year of transactions as a CSV file.  pretty much anyone who does taxes needs this.