Don't trust Web bill pay and USAA won't help

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For the second time in two months a check hasn't arrived to a creditor. If a member calls USAA to get help, the likely response is "the check got lost in the mail." If you ask for further information, you're told that a third party handles bill pay and that USAA only has the same information you can access on line. If you try and check the status of your payment, a feature described in help pages, you're routed through several pages in an endless circle of frustration that leads to nowhere. Nobody at USAA seems remotely concerned that a vital service hasn't worked as it's supposed to. Nobody offers to call the creditor or to check with the "third party," About the only guidance you receive is "you can place a stop payment on the check and resend it." Just how does that help me meet an expired due date? DON'T COUNT ON USAA TO MEET THEIR OBLIGATION OR TO HELP YOU WHEN YOU MISS A PAYMENT!


@kiermarl, we are sadden to read your post regarding your web bill payment.  This is certainly not how we want our members to feel.  I will engage an account expert to review this matter further.  We appreciate you letting us know of this issue.