Does putting a block on a debit card prevent online activity?


We have a checking account that we transfer money to and from electronically from other accounts, write checks out of and also have recurring bills setup to automatically debit the account. Will blocking the debit card cause any interruption to those normal activities? We have had no issue with the account, but we just don't want the added risk and liability of the card falling into the wrong hands and emptying the account. Want to make sure that the block I placed on the card does not impact the active status of the account itself.


Hello @AnneChambers, putting a block on a debit card will only stop transactions attempted on that card. All other ACH transfers and payments to include checks will still process as normal. -Colleen

if you want to unblock the card, is it just as simple as unblocking it on the app?  will it then resume normal activity?


@spud542, Yes, it is that simple! Select your account > Menu > ATM/Debit card > block/unblock card.  The change is immediate and you may resume use of your card if you are unblocking.