Does USAA offer personal loans to consolidate debt?


I opened a loan with Lending Club and realized how aweful the interest rate is.  By the time I've paid off my loan I've actually doubled my loan received!  Just curious to know if I'm able to apply for a loan in hopes to get a lowere interest rate and monthly payments.


Also, does USAA refinance car loans?  I have one with Capital One but I feel it's too high and I can do better.




Good afternoon, @ricepaddy - Although we do offer personal loans,  we do not offer true debt consolidation loans. When you apply for a personal loan, we consider this new loan to be new debt in addition to the current debt you already have, even if you plan to pay off your existing accounts. This is because funds from a personal loan can be used for anything you want. We do not pay your creditors directly nor do we outline the accounts in your loan agreement that must be paid off, so ultimately, you must still credit qualify for a personal loan. Yes, we do offer refinance loans, if you need. For your convenience, you may apply online for either loan type by going to Products and selecting Personal Loans or Auto Loans. Then, enter the requested information and follow the prompts. If your online application is submitted during normal business hours of Monday-Friday 6:30am - 10:00pm, a decision will be provided within minutes. If your application is submitted after hours, on a weekend or holiday, a decision will be provided within 12 hours. - Cathleen