It doesn’t appear that y’all offer a HSA ...Why not ?
..I’ve been a USAA member for about 35 years and I would hate to have to open an account with a competitor.I guess unfortunately you leave me no other choice ...I would like to express my interest in opening a HSA with USAA someday soon !


Thank you for your question on a Heath Savings account. I have3 submitted the feedback on your interest for an HSA and will have a colleague review the inquiry to see if there is anything further we can offer. Please allow us some time for the research on this. ~Michelle

I am also interested to see USAA's response. Thanks for posing the question!

BayAreaRob, I have forwarded your question to a colleague who will review and reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for keeping USAA in mind for your Health Savings Account needs. - Janay

BayAreaRob, USAA does not currently offer Health Savings Accounts. However, USAA is constantly reviewing our member's needs to continue to be the provider of choice for the military and their families. We've shared your suggestion with our product management team. Thank you for your membership.  ~ Lori

If you GIS hsa and, you'll see that people have been asking this question for almost a decade. You can guess what the answer is.

WHENEVER this happens I'm in

me too

I have an HSA with my employer and my card was declined this morning at the doctors offie even though I have $ in the account.  I was advised by the HSA that my employer froze all employees HSA accounts - so none of us can access the funds or pay our medical bills 

Years ago I expressed intertest in an HSA with USAA and was also told that they "are continually evaluating their members needs". Frankly, this is a no-brainer for USAA! Get with the times!! 

Hey RaftGuideBarbie, currently Health Savings accounts are not something that USAA offers. I will however forward this suggestion to the appropriate area. We appreciate you reaching out to us, have a good rest of your day!