Do not want unsolicited "convenience checks" sent in promotional mailings


I just received in my mailbox a promotional mailing about "transferring ... balances to my USAA Visa credit card." Included in the mailing are 4 "convenience" checks. USAA, why are you sending blank checks through the mail??  I DO NOT EVER WANT YOU TO SEND ME SUCH CHECKS!!  Please tell me how I can disable this "feature" that allows the sending of unsolicited checks.  In fact, as a potential security issue, they should be disabled by default! An OPT-IN, not OPT-OUT.


@Today_I_am_Hyde, I apologize for the inconvenience. USAA sends out unsolicited checks to our members to be proactive when offering a balance transfer promotion. Many members request the checks shortly after being offered the transfer, limiting the amount of time they have to actually submit the transfer. If you would like to send us a private message by selecting your handle at the top right, then the envelop icon, we can ensure this feature is removed from your account. Thanks! ~Holland