Emily Mowry

This has been the longest and hardest process I have ever experienced in buying a home! Since USAA doesn't have offices to meet its customers face-to-face, you would think that their phone/e-mail customer service would be great -- completely wrong! I don't think any of the employees talk to each other. We have been running in circles from the beginning. I will never use USAA for a loan again!


After pre-qualifying for a loan, USAA sent us a checklist of documents that would be needed once an offer is accepted. Upon acceptance of a sales contract we were ready to submit all of the documents that were noted in checklist. Prior to being assigned a loan originator, the USAA rep said we could fax in the documents we had ready. Days later our loan originator contacted us asking for some documents. When we said we faxed them in, she said that faxed went to a different department and we would have to resend them. Why don't the offices talk to each other??


After sending in the requested paperwork -again- our loan originator continued to say that we were on target for our loan commitment date. Calling and e-mailing on a regular basis to ensure we stayed on this timeline, yet we were told that the underwriter is experiencing high volume of loans coming thru. Therefore we were late on being notified that USAA was giving us a loan. When the pending loan commitment paperwork came in, the underwriter had a laundry list of items they still wanted. Most of these documents they needed were on the original checklist that our loan originator said we didn't need. Why don't the offices talk to each other??


Now we have sent more paperwork to our loan originator to then send to the underwriter. At this point we are a week away from the closing date. To our surprise, our loan originator is out of the office and returning 2 days before we close. What great customer service that is - luckily she provided back-ups, but wouldn't it have been nice to actually hear from her  on who we should contact instead of being caught off guard. We received a response from the loan originator's back up, but they're response was that they would send it to our loan originator. I had to go back and ask that THEY look at these documents before she gets back because we needed to know if that's what was needed. Finally the back-ups looked at our paperwork and needed a document signed. They called us, we got the document signed and sent back. I had to ask the loan originator if there was anything else we could do to help keep this on schedule. She said they were still waiting for the IRS to send our tax transcripts, but the IRS has a backlog and not sure when they can get them. We are able to request and obtain our transcripts by email immediately. Why would USAA wait and possibly delay our schedule when they could have just asked us for this document?


Today is Tuesday, we close on Friday, our paperwork is back at the underwriter for review. We have now been asked to push our closing time to later in the day because USAA needs more time. We asked from the beginning what time would work. Why can't USAA stick to a timeline when they knew it from the beginning? Nothing like waiting to the last minute to ask us to change our plans.


I see that USAA responds to these post sometimes. The common answer seems to be, they are escalating the situation to a mortgage specialist. While I hope my post will be looked at and escalated to ensure we actual close in 3 days, why can't USAA hire competent, knowledgeable, proactive employees that can get the job done right the first time.


 Buying a house is a stressful time and USAA only makes it worst!!!



I am disappointed to say that my experience has many similarities. I started the process 5 weeks ago and provided everything I was asked for in less than 24 hours. now I am 1.5 days from closing and totally scared that USAA is not going to be ready. I have calls out to everyone involved so I dont know what else to do.
USAA is worst company in the whole World, they will scam you, please believe me, I speak from experience, it was nightmare, please avoid using USAA mortgage, the worse people ever meet. All off USAA staff and CEO 's are corrupt. Big mistake I made to get involved with this company. Full of lies.

Totally DISAGREE. Over 40+ years, USAA has been FANTASTIC for me in every way. Every way. Fast response. Knowledgeable replies. Professional service. Best rates. Never saw any indication of malfeasance.

@Mike139, Thank you for sharing of your experiences over your long-term, loyal membership of 40+ years. We look forward to serving you and future generations for many more years to come. Have a great week and holiday season. ~ Lori

If USAA is so great why are people leaving and going elewhere,  They now adveritise for customers, they never had to do that in the past USAA sucks,  the only reason I keep them is to make my spouse happy.

At least you got someone to initiate the 'process'.  I never got past the first 2 or 3 phonecalls.  Terrible !!! with a capital T.

Hi 23 yr Member2. I am sorry to hear you were not able to initiate the mortgage process with USAA. Although I do not know the specifics to your calls,  I would like to offer assistance in getting everything started for you. Please let us know if you would like for us to contact you.

Go to Quicken loans and be done in2 weeks

Dear Emily,

I agree with you that buying a home is stressful and I am so sorry to hear the additional circumstances making it harder. Like you mentioned, I have sent your comment to the mortgage department and someone will be in touch shortly. I appreciate you sharing the details and hope you will be able to update us all with great news of your timely closure. Thank you.