Do I qualify for a Mortgage and should I use USAA?


Hi everyone. I just read some nasty reviews about USAA mortgages. Since USAA is a big part of our life I would like to use them to purchase our 1st home. The house is going to be under my name only. My score is 783 and Fico is 774, our income to debt ratio is going to be around 40 percent with this mortgage. I make 160k a year. My expenses are around 1000 a month. Do you guys think I will have issues getting the house. The house we are looking for is around 220k?


Hello @tsp1981, we would be happy to help you with your home purchase! Some additional information will be needed to know if you qualify for the purchase. You may contact one of our loan specialists who can discuss the application in more detail with you at 800-531-8781. -Dayna