I am growing frustrated with USAA's lack of response for my credit card dispute #[removed sensitive data]. As a summary, I paid for a vacation through a travel agency located and licensed in Canada. Last month I received a notification from the Canadian government that the tourist agency had suddenly closed, and that the trips that had already been paid for would not be received. The Canadian government has graciously set up a fund to help reimburse us, however we must try to file a dispute with our credit card company before we can fill out the paperwork for the Canadian governement. If that dispute is denied, we must attach the written proof in our application. I immediately filed a dispute with USAA. I was told it would be up to 30 calendar days before hearing a response. That was disappointing, but okay. So 30 calendar days have passed without an update. I called USAA, they could not help me, all they could do was leave a note that the customer would like an update. I just received that update - it's a copy of the first update more than 30 days ago saying my request had been received. The letter was dated for more than 30 days ago, and the letter stated that I would be given an update within 30 days. I have not.


This is very frustrating. It's not a small amount of money (just under $1500). I use my USAA credit cards for everything. I spend a lot on those each month. This is the first time I've needed them for a dispute. This process is frustrating, slow, and lacking any and all communication. Furthermore, my clock is ticking - if USAA doesn't give me a decision soon, I will miss out on my opportunity to be reimbursed through Canada should USAA decline the dispute. This whole process has certainly made me re-evaluate my use of my USAA card, and it is extremely likely that I will quit using it as my main purchasing card.


@BV1254, I'm so sorry to hear of the trip cancellation and I can certainly understand how this would cause some frustration. I've had a chance to review your dispute, and I do apologize there has been no additional communication regarding an update. I've requested that the analyst working your case call you as soon as possible. I have stressed the fact that there is a time restraint due to the time frame allowed for reimbursement with Canada, but please allow the analyst to review and gather their notes before reaching out. Thank you so much for your patience. ~Holland