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A month has gone by since USAA chose to close my investment accounts, my checking account, my savings account, and cancel my credit cards.  Same for my wife.  They even closed our 6 month old's youth savings account. 


No reason given and none will be provided becasue USAA knows they will be sued if they give the reason.  They prefer to hide and avoid.  These are the signs of weak-willed, half men who are not fit to serve the veterans they claim to support. 


USAA has shamefully targeted my family while we serve the USG abroad.  USAA has treated us callously and foolishly refuses to apolgize or offer explanation. 


In so doing, USAA fuels my desire to write as much as I can, on as many forums as possible.  I will continue to post the truth. USAA targets veterans and their families.  Pull your money out now while you can still do it on your terms.  You don't want to do it on their terms - trust me. It's taken me weeks to re-establish myself (checking, savings, credit cards, investment accounts) at another financial institution.

I was once a USAA advocate - now I take pleasure in creating doubt and anxiety in the minds of USAA members and warn anyone who will listen to pull their money out.