Disappointed in your Photo of USAA Mag. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden??


Hello All:


I am extremely disappointed with the USAA Magazine that I received the other day. #230863-0516.

The front cover has a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden with Lt. Col. Todd Bajakian.

These 2 ladies or any political figure should not be on the front cover of any of the USAA products.

You should only have the military members and/or their families on and in these magazines.


USAA's website states that your values 'mirror those of the military community and our membership'. 

If so, wouldn't it be best if you do not show any political affiliation at all?


Did you ever put First Lady Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney on the cover of one of your magazines in the past?

If you did, I apologize as I must have missed it.


You also state in your 'Honesty' value that "We are clear in our communications and transparent about our intentions." 

With that picture on the front cover, I'm not so sure you are transparent with your intentions or clear in your communications. 


You further state on your Charitable Contributions page:

Ineligible Types of Charitable Contribution Requests:

"Neither USAA nor The USAA Foundation, Inc., provides financial support for unsolicited requests for any of the following:
  • Lobbying, political or fraternal activities."
Isn't USAA showing their political interests with this photo or lobbying?
I seriously have to reconsider my membership with USAA. I have been a member for 20+ years, but will have no problem going elsewhere. I have spoken to others who share my disappointment in your decision to have this front cover printed.
Thank you.




Veteran hiring and homelessness are important, non-partisan, non-political issues which require greater awareness and action. USAA supports the Joining Forces initiative and our nation's service members, veterans and their families. Please know we appreciate your membership and hope you choose to stay with USAA for the long term. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us in Community.

There is nothing American about the Obamas. 

What if you were to say, "We understand how divisive a picture like this is, so we will choose not to be so insensitive to so many of our members. We recognize that our members are the very ones that keep us in business. So we will not force our misguided political slant down your throats. We do hope that you understand our purpose in the article of coming together for such a worthwhile cause. So rather then provide a NON-answer and skirt the actual complaint that so many are voicing and we are ignoring, we commit that in the future we will be more careful on the images we select. Why are we doing this? Because we are intend on being straight forward with our members."


In other words, support the overwhelming majority of your members and leave divisive political figures out. 

I love the photo! Keep up the good work!!!

Yes,  the choice of the two women is a huge disappointment coming from USAA. 

Michelle Obama and Barack are clearly UnAmerican in their values and attacks upon the American people in contrast to their support for Islamic immigrants who are welcomed by this current Whitehouse to slaughter US citizens. 

I loved the photo. The fact that USAA is trying to further a cause that will benefit homeless Veterans makes me proud. I'm stunned every day how much hatred there is in this country for a President and his family that are just trying to help others!!?? Thankfully, a corporation is trying to improve things rather than divide people. I guess there are those that will never be happy with anything. Kudos on the cover!

Obama's distain for the welfare of the American people could not be more obvious. The primary duty of a President is to watch out for and to protect the American people.  His actions are much to the contrary. His 'pushing' Open boarders at a time when Islamist radicals are waiting to take advantage, to harm and to murder those who are not like them - And Obama is their friend and accomplice !!

He has violated the safety and privacy of our children as Obama's new 'Bathroom' and 'locker room' legislation in public schools opens the door to unimaginable harm. Obama has pushed for transgenders to use whatever bathroom they choose which obviously could endanger women - when a 'man' may enter the ladies room any time without notice.

And you say Obama has helped us ??  

I picked this up off my coffee table about 20 minutes ago. I don't go through mail often.  Honestly I am stunned that USAA would put any Obama on their cover. Something tells me that Michelle or Barack pushed it.  They hate America and have down graded our country, military and have divided the American people.  Please for the sake of USAA and our nausea, please don't do this again.  What a disappointment!! 

I was greatly disappointed in USAA's choice for a cover photo for the Summer 2016 Magazine.  It was purely political and actually outrageous, depicting a smiling officer with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden hugging hime. Disgusing.  Considering all the things that the President has done over the past seven years to weaken the military, dispose of competent generals, and generally downgrade our troops, I would have thought that USAA could have chosen some other photo.  Really bad.  If I hadn't invested so much of my life with USAA I would drop my membership immediately.  But Mr. CEO, you have lost my respect.