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How do yall think or is okay to send a check in the mail? How do you have the audacity to sit here and tell is with a straight face to send an 11,000 check in the mail? Why can yall just increase my deposit to 12000 just once. I know im not the only one with this problem. I will be searchin for another bank


WEENA, that last thing we want is to disappoint our members. Our deposit limits are automatically set and are reviewed periodically for adjustments; therefore, all adjustments are system generated. I regret we do not offer the option for one time exceptions at the moment. We can assure you that we process hundreds of mailed in deposits on a daily basis of various amounts. You do have the option to expedite your deposit so that you will have a tracking number. Expedited deposits can be mailed to the address below:

USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288-0509

Please endorse the check "for deposit only" followed by your checking or savings account number. Please include a deposit slip if you have one available. Your feedback is important to us and will be shared with our team. We hope you will reconsider moving your banking services. - Rhonda

Thank you. So i am reading this after ive sent the check off and i have all my information in a cover letter but i forgot to endorse the check. Please tell me this is not a problem because i found out today that my elecrric is getting disconnected this week and i need the money to pay it

Thank you for your reply. Once we receive the check we will process it as requested in your letter. Please know that we are unable to alter the check or place "for deposit only" on your behalf so it will be submitted to the issuing bank as it is received here at USAA. The issuing bank will determine if they can accept the item without your signature. ~Michelle

So what does that mean. Can you not deposit my check when i see that other members have been in this situation and were able to get there money. Ive been a member for 11 years. Y'all cannot do this to me. I need my money. This is how you treat disabled vets?
Look im not trying to be honary but i know that the check can still be depoaoted and my moneys available in the timeframe specified. I know yall dont care bit i have two children and im pregnant and my husband has a minimum wage job and with all that going on i have to deal with more frequent bouts of PTSD. It is 5:00 in the morning and im crying and stressing over whether or not today will be the day my electric gets cut off in this florida heat. I am terrifified right now

WEENA, Thank you for your reply. I understand your concern about the processing of a deposit that was mailed without an endorsement. I am engaging a business specialist to address your concern. Please allow some time for the specialist to review the situation during normal business hours. I appreciate your patience, as I realize this situation has created additional stress for your family. ~Darcy

So i just got off the phone with one your very pleasant representatives (which i have to say the past few timea ive called all representatives were very pleasant). But this woman told me that my check would take a week to clear. Now i told her about my check not being endorsed but told her that i put all my info on the cover letter. Amd she was sure that would not be a problem then she said it could take two days to post. I said that was fine i was aware of that. So i asked her just out of curiosity why did i get different answers about the time frame the first agent said 2 weeks the second agent said he knew for sure no more than 3 days. The fourth agent said 3 to 5 business days then all of a sudden the agent i talked to today who said a couple of days at first put me on hold for like 4 minutes came back real hesitant and said a week. I asked her why and she came up with something that makes no sense to me about it may not get to where it is going after its dropped off. I didnt argue because i know it was her supervisor that told her that. She was confident in our inital dialogue but then after the hold she seemed so unsure. I felt like someone told her to tell me that because ive been complaining about this situation and they are purposely going to make sure I am the very last deposit. I have already stated that i am in a very very dire situation my shut off notice is this friday and based on what the other agents have said i felt confident that id be able to pay this electric bill on time. I really feel like this is being done to me on purpose. Also this business of my check not getting where it is supposed to be because someone may not pick up my check really sounds like some petty mess. Please do not so this to my family. I did the mail thing because i was told it was be deposited as soon as it is delivered

Oh goodness, WEENA! We certainly appreciate you advising us about this matter. It's certainly not the typical service you deserve as a member. To best assist you, I've forwarded your concerns to one of my business colleagues, who will review your account and contact you directly to further discuss it in greater depth. Thank you for your continued patience. ~ Stacy