I recently signed up for a USAA checking account after having auto insurance for years and now renters insurance.

At my previous bank, I always received my direct deposits before 5AM on the 15th or 31st (or the Friday before if over a weekend)
I had my direct deposit setup and Friday morning came and there was nothing. I figured maybe it will be an extra day. Still no deposit as of Saturday evening. I'm not sure that it would arrive on a Sunday or Monday (which is a holiday) either.
After reading the multiple experiences with others having deposits delayed or not showing up for extended periods, I'm a bit worried.
The customer service number was next to useless. The people I reached couldn't do anything but check the webpage to see exactly the same things that I can see.
I would like to know the status of my deposit so that I may proceed accordingly.


Thanks for reaching out, @RJH85. I'm happy to take a look into this for you. Please send a private message with the amount you were expecting, and I'll be happy to take a look. You can activate your private messages by clicking on your username on the top right-hand-corner of the Member Community page and selecting My Settings. Then, select Private Messenger, then Turn On Private Messages and Save. - Cathleen

Thank you for the quick reply. Private message sent.

I appreciate the reply, #RJH85, and invite you to secured chat by following this link: http://bit.ly/29hBDfM. Please reference conversation 20082972 when you connect.  


My attempt at receiving support for 1800 number was useless. I understand level1 support only having basic access to information and being able to solve most problems, but there needs to be an escalation option, something better than "I can only see what you see". Dealing with banking support is not the USAA that I was used to dealing with on the insurance side.
The support that Is received via the Chat option after reaching out on the forums was excellent. They were able to quickly review the information that needed to be reviewed and identify the problem. The payroll Dept dropped the ball and didn't allow enough time for the test deposit to be confirmed, then make the regular deposit.
Not having access to a branch and being left in limbo without anyone to reach out to for answers is extremely frustrating and makes people feel very vulnerable.
Again, the chat support was excellent, but the fact that I had to figure out on my own that it was essentially a different tier of support from the phone support is a problem. I hope you take this as corrective criticism and propose having a level2 option for escalation, and if there is one, to notify the level1 support that they should use it if they are unable to solve or provide the information needed.

@RJH85, I appreciate your feedback regarding the level of support you received by telephone versus the level of support you received by chat. I will share your feedback with the appropriate folks at USAA. We continually look for ways to improve our products and services so they are of the highest quality for our members. Therefore, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to share your experience. ~DC