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When will I see my direct deposit. I've always got it on the last day of the month.


For the past few months my direct deposit has gotten later & later. When I bank with navy fed it showed at midnight every pay. Now 4,5,6,7 am it still not showing up.

Simo0311 - Thank you for contacting us about your direct deposit. I'm sorry to hear your direct deposit posted late. We post direct deposits when they are received according to the instructions sent by the issuing party. I recommend contacting your employer for more information. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you - Tricia

My employer is USMC. So they send the checks that you should already have I would like to know why you keep posting them later and later.

My direct deposit is also late this morning

Glad mine isn't the only one. Seems to be getting later and later every month. If I wanted to deal with BS I would have stayed with navy fed

They must be having some type of issue today...Monday postings are normally delayed though

Good morning, I also have this issue with USAA and their deposit times. Since I've switched to you guys it's been this way and apparently a lot of people had the same issue. You guys always try to throw it back on the employer but the problem is not them since most of our paychecks come from DFAS. The pay system you guys use is very flawed and needs to be updated. Navy federal never had this problem. I switched thinking USAA was better and I can't even get my pay deposited by 0600. I think you guys are really about start losing business over this issue. Please find another way, a better way to deposit everyone's checks so they can be available like every other bank does. Thanks.

Simo0311 - Thank you for your response. USAA Bank processes direct deposits over a period of 24 hours. It's not possible for us to give you an exact time; the release of funds occurs throughout the course of that particular business day; ensuring the funds are available on the morning of the actual pay day. We apologize for any frustration this may have caused. - Tricia

Is anybody else still waiting for their direct deposit? Mine has still not hit my account and this is very frustrating. What is going on??