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Every other Wednesday I get a direct deposit from my job at 6AM. Today it did not go through. I called USAA Customer Service 5 times today and each representative gave me a different explanation as to why. The last rep told me that there is an "I.T Delay", meaning their system is malfunctioning and they are working on it now. Supposedly I will be getting my deposit within 25-60 minutes. Has anyone else been having this problem today? Also, did you get the same answer when contacting USAA?
I need to know something because I have bills that come out automatically and I have no funds to do so! HELP!


Same problem. Supposed to be paid today, no money deposited. Not even going to call as they will just give some bull excuse.
Did you end up getting your deposit. We called and they said they knew they were having an issue but didn't tell us when it would be resolved.

Is anyone else experiencing a delay in direct deposit today? I always get paid on Wednesdays and have scheduled payments that are very important. Hoping it's not just me not getting my hard earned money.

We haven't gotten ours either.

I am experiencing the same delay. Not the end of the world, but it is annoying. I did some digging and it looks like USAA has had this issue numerous times in the past (although it has never happened to me before today). Since they do go the extra mile and make the deposit 24 hours prior (under normal circumstances) therefore the deposit isn't really due until tomorrow from the sender, I can't really complain yet. As long as they get it in my account by tomorrow when it's "due" I'll be satisfied. I'm happy they do the 24 hour prior thing I just feel like doing it kind of makes us get so used to it we begin to depend on it and when it goes off-track for some unforeseen IT issue we feel pain. As a rule I've ways tried to treat the early day as a "nice to have" but never set my bill pays on it.

Same thing here. Like previous poster above. Deposit delays are a common issue with usaa and it happens every month for thousands of people.
I'm getting really frustrated that are direct deposit isn't in our bank account today. Like many Americans we live paycheck to paycheck and are depending on that funding. When we called the call center all they could tell us was that they know it's a problem. USAA needs to find a way to resolve these issues I have never had a problem like this at another Institution. This was the only day my husband and I had off together to be able to purchase a birthday present for our son in Easter baskets for kids and now we can't because his pay is not in there.
I'm having the same problem. It's almost 3pm (east cost) and my paycheck did not deposit. Calling USAA provided no help or explanation. Very frustrating.
Same issue here. But, I will tell you this is a common usaa issue. We have had deposit delays many times with them. Sounds like they need a swift kick in the a** to get their system fixed.