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Not sure what has happened with USAA lately.  Just two months ago they sent a wire transfer of several thousand dollars to the wrong account...when they invenstigated they found the representitive hadn't done any of the required account verification.  It took several days to get my money back; they wouldn't even give me a credit while I waited on the funds (to emphasize, it was no small amout).  I waited for MY money that THEY misdirected, and for which they openly admitted it was their mistake.


Now I'm trying to get a direct deposit form to provide to a new employer.  This usually takes 5 minutes through the website (it says to expect it in "My Documents" within 5 minutes after you do the very short online form).  Well, this didn't work so I've called back about 4 times in the last 3 hours.  Each representative did the same module I did, but still no result, after waiting 30 minutes to an hour each time.  


The last individual I talked to, I asked if someone could manually do the form... it just needs to be something official from the bank with my name/address and account/routing numbers on it...that's it!  The response was "that is not a service that is offered" and that I could try back on Monday.  I'm curious, what service is not offered?  The bank clearly advertises that they provide this form.  It should not matter if it is automatically produced or if someone manually types it up.  If the automated system isn't working, the inconveniece should shift to them.  "Sorry for the inconvenience" is subpar, just as it was when thousands of my dollars went the wrong direction.


See the trend here?  USAA systems mess up, WE pay.


Jeff H. I'm sorry you were unable to obtain a direct deposit form online or over the phone. It sounds like there is an issue with the direct deposit system and we certainly want to take a closer look. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert and once additional information is available, we will be in contact with you. -Marisa

I am acutely aware that there is a problem with the automated system.


What policies are in place that hinder someone from typing up some kind of letter manually?  All I need is something official from USAA that shows I have account number such-and-such in my name along with the routing number (my monthly statements do not include the routing number).


Yes, of course fix the automated system too, but in the meatime think outside the box and just type up a letter.  It would take less time that it took either of us to write these posts.

Just to add this, in case someone decides to bring it up... a copy of a voided check would do the same thing.  However, after several moves and not needing checks in almost a decade, I do not want to go dig them out of the moving boxes.  So the direct deposit form it is.

Another update... day 2 and still no direct deposit form.

Day * still no direct deposit form.

Day 4 and still no direct deposit form.
The direct deposit form was posted today (end of day 4). I needed it no later than yesterday for my new employer.

Since the form wasn't posted in time, I got to dig through old moving boxes to find my checks, which thanks to more modern means of banking, I haven't needed in years. So, instead of a nice, polished looking form from the bank, I sent in a voided out check. Maybe it sounds petty, but anyone out there whose gone to their first post-military employer knows it's nice to make a good impression in any way possible.

Beside all that, there just simply no reason for this to take so long. From talking to representatives, I understand that the automated form generator just wasn't working its magic. Fair enough; but I offered a common sense do it the old manual way...and it was not well-received. Keep in mind, on the website this is advertised as a 'five minute' service.

In fairness, I received a message from a customer service representative who said they were the one who posted the form today and were looking in to what happened. They wrote that I should call if I had any went to voicemail.

PS- yesterday I requested a call-back via the website, and I never received one.

Hello Jeff, I have reviewed your concern & the notes pertaining to this matter. An attempt to contact you via phone was unsuccessful, therefore a message was sent to your personal email account. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please use the contact information provided within the email. I personally would like to extend my apologies for the delay of your direct deposit form. I wish you the best with your new employer. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. ~ Lori

I did not receive an email, nor did I have any missed calls from USAA. The direct deposit form that was sent arrived too late to mitigate the confusion and embarrasment it caused me with my employer.  You simply failed to put in sufficient effort to rectify this.