I receive my direct deposits every other Thursday. I've been paid on Thursday the last 5 years that I've been with my current employer. I did not recieve my payckeck per usual today and the same goes for all of my coworkers that use USAA Banking. Is there a delay because of the Columbus Day holiday on Monday or is this a change that will be in affect moving forward?


@Mart210, Thank you for posting your question regarding your direct deposit as well as those of all of your co-workers.

Direct Deposits are processed as soon as we receive notification the deposit has been sent by your employer. typically posting to your account one day earlier than payday. That said, we are not able to post a deposit that we have not yet received information about. Since you also mention, this is the case for all of your coworkers, I recommend contacting your payroll to inquire if there was a delay in processing as normal. 

Additionally, deposits do post throughout the day, not at any particular time. We do offer notifications to be set up for your account to alert you via text/email anytime there is activity on your account, including a deposit. To set these up, select Set Up/Manage Alerts from the Account Services options located near the bottom of your account page. Have a great day. ~ Lori 

@Mart210, Good Morning! Just wanted to check in and follow up with you today and make sure your direct deposit concerns are resolved. ~ Lori