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I sent a very large deposit via UPS overnight express.  I did this because I have no other way to make a deposit, since the check is much larger than my mobile deposit limit.  I confirmed with the tracking information that this was recieved this morning at 10:25am.  I contacted USAA earlier and asked about my deposit because I had not seen that it was posted.  She advised me that it may take up to 2 business days to post to my account.  I find this to be utterly ridiculous.  Why in the world would it take 2 days to post this deposit??  Every other bank that I have ever done business with has a policy that funds are posted on the day in which they are recieved.  Can someone please explain this to me. 


Hello Kris 10Texas, Thanks for reaching out to us & the opportunity to clarify the mailed deposit process. Once the item is received by our mail room, it is logged that the item is received. Mailed deposits are processed as a priority, for same day processing/posting. If there are any missing details with the mailed deposit, this could delay posting to the account, such as account number, name on the account, etc. Additionally, if the endorsement is missing or the check is received damaged. Same day processing would post typically by 5pm, so I recommend monitoring your account, as it is likely you'll see it post to your account soon. You may also set up an alert from the bottom of your account page, to alert you when the deposit is posted. I understand it can be concerning when waiting for a large check to post sent via mail. We appreciate your patience and understanding while this takes place. ~ Lori

Hi Lori,


Thank you for your fast reply. The check was endorsed and sent in with a completed deposit slip, so there should not be any issue with the deposit.  I will monitor my account and set up the alert, as suggested.  Just to clarify, when the deposit is posted it will show up immediately and not as an overnight deposit that posts after midnight? 

Again, I appreciate your assistance.





You're welcome & yes, that is correct Kristin. Thanks for reaching out to us. If you don't have plans in place for the funds, I recommend having a chat with our financial advisors to look at options. All part of your membership benefits. Let me know if I can help facilitate that for you. Have a great day! ~ Lori

Well, it's now 7:15PM an still nothing has shown up as being deposited into my account.

If your policy is to post deposits same day they are received, can you please explain to me where my deposit is?

I have a UPS tracking number confirming that it was signed for and recieved at 10:25am this morning.

I KNOW that the check was endorsed, and it was accompanied with a deposit slip. 

At the VERY least, I would like to know WHERE my check is if it's not been deposited. 

What's incredibly frustrating here is that I have ZERO other alternatives to even make a deposit. 

I can no longer make an in person deposit at a UPS store, I cannot make a deposit at an ATM anymore, and I could not moblie deposit this check because the amount was too large.  So, this was my ONLY alternative. 

Can you please explain to me why my check has not been deposited into my account, and where my check is at?!!?


Just curious when I can expect a response to my previous message sent almost 3.5 hours ago?   You have had my check for deposit since 10:25am this morning.  I am more than happy to provide you the tracking/confirmation number to prove that it was received and signed for.  I was told that deposits recieved via mail are processed as priority for SAME DAY processing. When will my deposit get posted???  If USAA has somehow misplaced my deposit, how will they rectify this? 

Kris10Texas - Thank you for reaching out to us in our Community. I apologize for our delayed response, we are currently experiencing technical issues. I understand your concern regarding your deposit. Please know, all deposits sent by UPS are posted the same business day as received. Deposits are posted at the end of the business day and should reflect online tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. - Tricia

Thank you very much for your fast reply, Tricia. As you can see from the previous messages, I was advised that it should be posted to my account where I can see it by 5pm. I even asked specifically if it will post overnight, and as you can see, I was advised that it would NOT post overnight, but rather immediately during the day and I was advised to continue checking my account and I should see it posted. I have gotten 2 completely different responses, which as you can imagine is frustrating. Again, I appreciate your reply.

Kris10Texas - I apologize for any frustration you may have experienced and for the confusion. Direct Deposits sent electronically will post throughout the day; however, deposits sent by mail or UPS update at the close of business. Please keep in mind, if research is required because the deposit reflects the wrong account number or no account there might be a delay in posting your deposit. I hope this helps to provide clarification. - Tricia

While I certainly share the original poster's frustration, I am somewhat relieved to find I am not the only USAA Member who has deposited a check by mail, received delivery confirmation from USPS, and days later the deposit has still not posted to my account.

The most troubling part of this issue for me is that during my initial contact with USAA by chat I was told deposits take one business day after receipt to post. Then the second contact with USAA by chat I was told deposits take two business days after receipt to post. After the deposit still had not posted I called USAA and was told deposits take seven to ten business days to post after receipt. Worse still, I asked "What happens to the deposit during those seven to ten business days?" The representative stated that since the received deposits were not even logged upon receipt, there is no way of knowing where the papers languish during those seven to ten days. In other words, there is no record of the deposit until it posts to my account. This seems like very poor business practice.

Since I have some assurance or "proof" the deposit was received by USAA according to USPS tracking, I filed a query with the USPS regarding missing mail. One of the items that became known was that mailed items occasionally are delivered to the USAA building's street address instead of its mail deposit address. This mis-acceptance causes an additional delay for the mail to "go around to the back office for deposits."

My experience with these shoddy practices has caused a 180-degree turn in my trust of USAA. I have cancelled both my auto and property insurance policies and certainly if my missing deposit ever posts it will be the last deposit I make to USAA.