Try to scan a check but looks like it's just a camera taking photos and won't let you go further. Unable to deposit and doesn't show any buttons for navigation once scanned. Keeps showing the camera over and over again


Weimer, for assistance with the Deposit@Mobile feature, please contact our web support team at 877-820-8320 today from 1pm - 6:00 pm (CST). We look forward to helping you. ~Jen

Try putting the check on a different color background. It only works for me when I have the check on a black countertop
It’s strange. I’ve done mobile deposit lots and after flash on/off, white, green, brown, Gray, black backgrounds... it says the numbers at the bottom can’t be recognized. Although I can clear read the numbers in the pic the app is discarding.

Hello Alex2186, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding the issue you are experiencing with depositing your check. I'm sure it's been frustrating for you. If you've already tried different backgrounds and lighting then our recommendation is for you to contact our Technical Support Team at 877-632-3002 for assistance. - Rhonda