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I am expecting my deposit from the VA today it usually comes in at 6am my time but it is late. Is there a problem?


Just a guess, but we are probably looking at another hour or so
Any luck on your end?
Same here. I've always had it by now

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The only thing I can think of is it is the 31st, it is a Monday, and they usually drag tail with it, I honestly don't believe it is the bank, its the Treasury department!

CNLAMPE - Thank you for your post in our community. I understand your concern about your direct deposit. Our time is 5:40 am CT. We will post your direct deposits as they are received. Please continue to monitor your account. Thank you - Tricia

Mine is late too
I'm having the same issue. I called and they said it will post in about an hour.
If the last day of the month is a Monday, then we either need to get it the day of or the Friday before!