All Coast Guard members have properly received their military paycheck and can use their funds as normal. Thank you.


you have still not provided proper answers or an explanation as to what happened.  More importantly, what should your CG customers expect in the future. USAA clearly states military active duty pay is ALWAYS deposited in customers accounts early.  That was false for the Jan 15 payday.  What about Feb1? Feb 15, which is a holiday? March 1? And please explain to me the USAA policy, and do not blame the CG PPC. According to the CG PPC, they release payroll to Treasury on Jan 13, Jan 27, Feb 10 and Feb 26 going forward. When will USAA make these funds available to their customers? 



Some Receiving Depositary Financial Institution make deposits available UPON RECEIPT from Treasury while others hold the funds until the settlement date.


What is the USAA policy on CG paydays going forward? Does USAA make funds available upon receipt or do you hold funds until the settlement date?

Dear JC24,

Thank you for posting in the Community. According to our records, a member service specialist has made attempts to reach you by phone and Member Message. Please log on to usaa.com and go to Messages to see the message from our subject matter expert. They provided their name and phone number so they can discuss this matter with you at your convenience. Thank you

That's a blanket response that we get every time this happens. I truly do not know whether or not it is a CG issue or USAA issue. It's unfortunate that this is becoming a trend.
I understand that our pay dates are the 1st & 15th of every month and that the early deposit is considered a luxury. I do however feel that it may be in USAA best interest to remove the funds availablity chart from its website. This chart is providing your customers with a false sense of security. If you can't always guarantee early deposits, then it shouldn't be posted on your website. I have also read in numerous community forum posts that this same early deposit information has been given. I just feel if you can't 100% back it up then you shouldn't put it out there. It's misleading your customers.

I have a civilian job and my pay checks for the past month have not been posting in the morning as they usually do.  I am currently still waiting for my pay to come into my account and its 12:30 EST. I get paid on the 15th and last day of the month. I didn't get paid until 6 or 7 on 12/30, when I am usually paid at 7 am. I'm not sure what is going on with USAA but something definetly is.  I too like the convenience of being paid a day early however, I believe if USAA is moving to an accurate pay date, we as the consumers should know.

USAA do you have a time frame today that pay might post or should we just wait until tomorrow?
If USAA is giving us the "courtesy" of paying us a day early. Can it please provide us the "courtesy" of notifying us when they aren't going to extend that "courtesy" so we aren't planning to have the money early!

It seems like ever since the "upgrade", my DD has shown up on the actual and not the day before payday - after 14 years of it depositing the day before.  Not a big deal, I'll just shift my expectation (I do my HUGE Costco haul on payday) but it's cr@p to call it a courtesy and advertise "a day early" and then not follow through.