Posting military pay one day prior to the actual payday is a courtesy we are pleased to extend to our members when possible. We will post deposits for tomorrow’s payday when we receive the deposit. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for the response.


I fully understand that it is a courtesy, and that is appreciated. However, I am not a fan of being told you haven't received it. I completely reject this as the truth. When this happened with the Dec 15th pay, my civilian pay did not go in a day early either. (A week later than my husband's pay date). Seems fishy that such a "coincidence" would occur.


It is most definitely an issue with USAA. There is a reason that USAA is holding our funds and it's messed up to "extend this courtesy" and then snatch it back every now and then. We will definitely not count on this "courtesy" happening anymore, and may even take our banking elsewhere.

Thanks again.

Does this direct deposit delay only effect the Coast Guard? Are there any members out there who bank with the Coast Guard credit union? (Sea West)

Two years later for this response but I am astounded by all the people that are jerks. A courtesy is a bonus, like getting off early every Friday and then you are upset when you don’t get off Friday. I understand the frustration but I am still astounded by people who yell at the bank. On behalf of grateful service members, I would like to extend thanks to USAA in the midst of greed. Really, you should never ever count on getting something you aren’t promised, I thought that was common knowledge. “Dont count your chickens before they hatch.” If a day is going to ruin you than I think it’s time to check out yourself and your financial responsibilities. My parents were pretty poor when we were young and they still managed to take care of business and is. I remember them calling billers working out deals and explaining situations. There were occasional hot checks. They NEVER blamed the bank for not paying them early. Since USAA staff cannot tell their customers these things I will take the liberty. As a servicemember, please treat these people with respect. They are trying to help us. I know I am late to this party but I did a google search since my pay wasn’t early and saw this. I think it should be addressed

USAA does not say "If possible" they will process military pay via direct deposit one day prior. They state unequivocally that it will be deposited early. Here's the FAQs from the USAA website:

Military Payday FAQs

- I have direct deposit established through the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS). When will my pay appear in my USAA bank account?


USAA makes direct deposit funds available one business day before the actual pay date. This approach provides members with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing when they can see and use their funds.


I thought USAA released direct deposit funds a day early, but my money isn't in my account and it's the day before payday. Did something change?


Nothing has changed. To help USAA members better prepare for paydays, USAA always makes direct deposit funds available one business day before the actual pay date. The release of funds occurs throughout the course of that particular business day. You can use your funds as soon as you see them in your account.

USAA is wrongly blaming the CG PPC. According to the CG memo USAA attached, the CG expected to send the payroll to Treasury on Jan 13.


Some Receiving Depositary Financial Institution make deposits available UPON RECEIPT from Treasury while others hold the funds until the settlement date.


Will USAA hold all future payroll until the 1st and the 15th? That is an important question going forward.

Navy Federal Credit Union is reporting NO problems with early direct deposit for Active Duty today. I am looking into re-establishing business with NFCU.

JC24 wrote: Navy Federal Credit Union is reporting NO problems with early direct deposit for Active Duty today. I am looking into re-establishing business with NFCU. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am NOT defending USAA; and, do NOT have any DD here. My NFCU account ALWAYS has a notice posted on the side of my checking account about the "pending deposit" from DFAS, the date it will happen and the amount. The notice ALWAYS occurs two to three days before; usually three. DFAS does send the info that early for people getting paid through them. The other thing NFCU says there is that the '...funds will be available the day after posting." I am used to it, so I count on it. What happens is (example) on the 30th or 31st the notice disappears, no pending or anything. On the 1st the money shows as a deposit. I am used to it and no what's going on. So, although NFCU (an probably USAA) knows days ahead of time that the money is coming, they still hold the funds until the real pay date. Just so you are aware before you rush to NFCU.
I should add that when paydays fall on weekends or Monday holidays everything changes. I goes early. So you COULD get paid on 28th or so when that occurs. December is another animal too--January pay is always Dec. 31st or earlier.