Is there a delay again for the Coast Guard receiving direct deposit a day early? My direct deposit would have normally posted 2 hours ago. Did the USCG not release the funds yet?


Same here

Same here. Oh well I guess not getting early direct deposit is the new norm....

I get that getting paid early is a luxury but if this is going to keep happening why even promise it? If the CG doesn't want to release funds early, just say so. That way the ones who live paycheck to paycheck don't bother holding their breath and can just expect to be paid on normal payday.

Absolutely agree. Active duty husband's direct deposit hasn't gone in. When i call, the reps play dumb as to why we had ever expected it today in the first place. My civilian paychecks also typically go in early and that's great, but we are just going to depend on it NEVER being deposited early again because this is the worst.



I will be sending this over to our bank team to look into. We haven't had any notification of an issue with direct deposits. Thank you.


here's your notice....   make that another active duty member not receiving his check...  two times now in two months...  

USAA-any updates?

OK USAA.. This is getting old. Banking should not be this inconvenient! After the delay before Christmas I was considering changing banks... Now we most definitely will.

Same here.