I usually get paid one day earlier than the actual pay dates actual pay day is November 30th I checked my account and it hasn't posted yet is there a delay in direct deposit today because of Black Friday


I was hoping I'd see it today since it said 27th for 30th payday.. but usaa is closed today so I can't even ask and I have urgent need to
I normally get paid on Thursday, today is my actual payday and finds are still not there...what's going on? Anyone else having this problem?
I havent seen my deposit as of yet either
Same problem
It's a bad day to get paid direct deposit.

According to customer service, if you haven't seen a deposite by now, then it will be on Monday 6am cst. Luckily I deposite half of my pay into another bank!t

Good Morning I am on the East Coast and I called USAA this morning about my deposit. The young man was very polite and explain to me that the Federal Reserve did not hand their deposits. I have not found any proof to that yet. Also I called my job they said they had deposited it this morning. So is anyone else having the same issues?
I get paid Monday and typically my direct deposit would be in my account by now. I was getting ready to call and find out what's going on. No way to reach my employer till Monday.
Yes, my deposit haven't been posted as of yet either. I was about to call to verify if they were open and why my deposit haven't posted to my account.