It's the weekend and I have had my card declined several times all day. This is extremely embarrassing. I am more than just a little upset. This should not EVER happen. I would think it would be illegal fir your bank to not allow you to access your money. Completely disgusted.


It's my honeymoon and we can't enjoy it bc I can't use my card either
It's quite embarrassing when you go to make a purchase and it is declined due to insufficient funds. And this is AFTER you have done a transfer to your checking account for that specific purchase. Then you call and your balance is $1 so you do another transfer and it now says the correct available balance but you still are declined. If you are to be denied access to your funds (which is unacceptable to begin with) there should be more notice then logging onto your account and it says "some members may have transaction issues". I have been a huge supporter of USAA for over 15 years, this "glitch" makes me looks fool. And needs to be addressed and explained right away.
This outage is very dumb. How can't I get to MY MONEY

This is absurd. What is really going on here? What is the upgrade for, what does it entail, and why is it interupting access to funds and account information? I just submitted an offer on a house and, wouldn't you know it, you actually need access to money and bank account information to purchase a house. Weird.

I have been a member with USAA for over 15 years. Within the past 5+ years I have noticed difficulty accessing my own finances. Today is the worst ever. I do not carry cash, I use my debit card for all purchases. Today I am unable to purchase anything, including dinner and lunches for the children tomorrow due to an ineffective debit card. When calling the business line I am told this is a scheduled program outage that is happening, yet I never received an email or any indication on my USAA account regarding this. Could this be a cover up of a breach??? I am ready for a change to a new bank that offers better service. Anyone else feeling this way?
Same here only I ran out of gas and had to call for help since my card was declined. .why not due scheduled maintenance at a time when people arnt using their cards..3am??

I got a sucks to be you answer when I took my family for our first vacation trip. hotel was denied, gas was denied, food was denied, I had over 1800 in my account and they said I have to wait 15 days to recieve my funds.

Dear cantbeserious,

I apologize for your experiences, especially when trying to vacation! Please email us at with your member number and best contact number. Once we locate your account information we will reach out to our bank partners for review and handling. Thank you

I have tried to pay off my auto loan for the past 4 days and nothing is working! It doesn't even show that I have a pending payment! This is the last straw broken for me, after I pay off my auto loan, I'm leaving USAA. You couldn't explain an ungodly high car insurance cost ($263 per month, every one esle, $115 per month) You are always slow to show when money posts and send money from my account to another account twice as slow as other financial services. I am done with all the bullcrap I go through here, and if you're wondering who I'm going to? My credit union back home, at least they can explain stuff to me when it isn't working other than that title that you posted on Sep 14th about issues, which I saw had spelling errors and then later corrected. I'm no english professional, but simple words mispelled? Come on man.