I have a pretty high credit score (800+) and almost zero debt (a couple of hundred) I do have a house and car payment. I was reading an article about asking for credit increase and thought it was a good idea. Anyway, I asked for a credit increase but got declined for "Excessive Obligations Related to Income", is this a hard inquiry that will show up in my credit history?


Thanks for reaching out usaf707 - Any time you request a credit increase, it will create a hard inquiry on your reports. You can monitor your reports by signing up for the Credit Monitoring service with Experian. Simply type in Credit Check, and select Credit Check Monitoring, then select the second option. - Cathleen

But it wasn't increase. It was denied...

usaf707, we have uploaded a letter regarding this matter, for you to review. Please click on My Tools > All documents to review. Thank you, Jen

I tried to have my credit increased by $5,000.00. I had no debt at the time.I have no house payments,no car payments. I only have credit cards that I pay off every month. I was denied the increase and I was told that they rely on the credit companies report for what they can do. They didn't use Experian, who USSA uses for their credit monitoring .They used another credit agency. I still have no debt,except the debt I used on vacation ,which is why I asked for a credit increase in the first place. It worked out anyway because I just took a large sum of cash with me(real smart). USSA has always been good to me(been with them for 37 years). I just wanted to give you some background .
I read somewhere that USAA is really strict with increases. While building my credit last year, I applied for (and was approved) 3 different credit cards (1 USAA). I've received automatic increases from the other 2 companies but not USAA. When I received those increases, unexpectedly, I requested one with USAA and was denied. I've given up on them, will pay that balance off, and let the card sit with maybe a small recurring bill. I've already moved my banking and auto & life insurance. This is the last headache...