I'm an airline pilot who frequently travels to China. My debit card no longer works at any ATM's. I have tried many on multiple trips. I do not have a problem anywhere else I travel.  My last attempt was at a Bank of China ATM at the Shangrila Hotel in Pudong. 10/7/18, 10:52 am.  After typing my pin and selecting my checking account and the amount to withdraw, the transaction cancelled imediately and said it couldn't be completed. On the receipt it has a code under rejected of ***F0001.  Transaction Ref. # [removed sensitive data], ATM ID [removed sensitive data].  This has been an ongoing problem with my USAA card in China and Hong Kong since I received the Chiped card.  Prior to the chip I used these ATM's regularly.  Please help solve this issue.  I have already tried replacing the card. No help.  It seems to work everywhere else ok.


Dear @Dimmer1,


Thank you for letting us know you are having this issue. We are aware of these issues occurring and we are working to try to resolve them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with a time frame of when this will be resolved. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thanks for your patience and we wish you the best during your travel. - Jesse

I also tried my ATM card (with chip) in multiple ATM's when I was in China (Shanghai) a few weeks ago (late September 2018).  I was never able to get it to work (even at airports and tourist hotels) -- though I had colleagues who were able to get their non-USAA cards to work.  There is clearly a significant issue here.  Please fix this USAA!  Thanks.

I'm so sorry you we unable to use your USAA card while in China. I will make sure to forward your feedback and comments to the appropriate department as we continue to address this concern for our members. Thank you!

I have the same job as dimmer1 and came to report the same problem. I started at the Shangri-La hotel and tried about 15 banks on the way to and from the S&T market. All of them either failed immediately or let me enter my PIN and request a withdrawal before helpfully telling me “cancelled for some reason.” I’m glad to know maybe someone is working on it, but I’d appreciate something more concrete than the vague platitudes you’ve offered so far. I’d like a name and phone number of the department that understands this issue and is actively trying to fix it. You can send it to my USAA account messages if you don’t want to post it publicly. Thanks for your time.

Hello @tjanderson, I'd like to review this a bit further. Can you share more details via PM? Thank you. -Emily