J Velo

My daughter can't seem to find an ATM in Belgium that will allow her to withdraw any currency.  I called customer service and they don't see any rejected transactions.  Any tips or suggestions?


J Velo, Thanks for reaching out. There are typically two times when we see these types of scenarios, When the card is being used on a machine that is not in our network, so the request is unable to connect with our bank or, if the card is being used during the downtime that the bank is updating nightly records.


To address the first concern, members should be using the ATM's that are compatible with the Visa card network. To find location in Belgium that are on our network, please enter "USAA Locator" in the search field above. You'll be able to view ATMs near you and see associated fees if applicable. If you daughter is traveling to multiple locations she can log on and enter 'USAA Locator' and customize the city she is in for each region or country she visits to locate an ATM. 


The second scenario, nightly down time, is a little harder to hit because the time frame is brief; however, it does happen, so I will explain. We conduct nightly updates to the network to ensure our member's account information is up to date. The network is brought down temporarily so the updates may be applied. These outages are kept as short as possible, and vary from night to night. The window of down time is between 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. CST. It does not take the entire allotted time to complete the updates. However this is likely why she is receiving a rejection message and the attempt will not show on the card. If your daughter is using the Visa network and received a rejection during these hours (12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. CST) my best recommendation is to wait 15 minutes and attempt the withdrawal again. I hope these suggestions are helpful. If you daughter is continuing the have difficulty please have her reach out to us directly so we can ask some additional question and help her gain access. ~Michelle