How do I get a Debit Card?


Thank you for reaching out to us today @YRBZ, you can order a new debit card on USAA.com by selecting the account and under 'Account Services' go to 'Order a replacement Card'. I hope these details are helpful, have a good day. -Emily

Would I be able to do this on the mobile app, I am trying to get onto my site but it keeps giving me a bad request notification on my computer.


Hello @YRBZ,  The mobile site does not offer the function to order a new debit card. If your getting a bad request error you may need to contact our Web Support Area. They can troubleshoot your error. If your able to finally get logged in, here are the instructions to order a debit card. 


From My USAA:

  1. Select the deposit account.
  2. Select I Want To located on the right side to extend the section.    
  3. Select Order a Debit/ATM Card.
  4. From the ATM/Debit Card section, select Order a Debit/ATM Card.
  5. Select the account holders that need a card.
  6. Follow the prompts to create a PIN, order the card, and link it to a savings account (if applicable).

If time is of concern, you can call and get the card ordered with one of our phone servicing agents. 1-210-531-8722.   Thank you ~Suzy

@YRBZ,  Hello, I wanted to check back and see how it went. Did you get it ordered? ~ Suzy