I have tried to get a debit card for my wife for over two weeks now and zero results. I've called several times and waited for over 40 minutes each time with negative results. The hard part is that I am calling from Japan; which makes it even more difficult. 


@CSM O, I'm sorry to learn that you're having trouble ordering a debit card for your spouse. Have you tried ordering the card directly from the USAA website? You may do so by following these directions:

  1. From the My USAA home page, select the appropriate deposit account.
  2. Select I Want To located on the right side to extend the section.
  3. Select Order a Debit/ATM Card.
  4. Select the account holder that needs a card.
  5. Follow the prompts to order a card and create a PIN.

I hope this helps! ~DC


Thanks a lot. It did help me get to the right area; however and for some odd reason, it is not allowing me to request a debit card for my wife. Further details would be extremely helpful. 





Hello @CSM O, if this is a new debit card order you will have to contact us by phone to get this ordered. You wife can also call us to request a new card to be ordered. -Colleen

Thank you. However and I have said on the previous messages I am calling from Japan and the waiting periods have been up to an hour. We will give it another shot, but if unsuccessful; perhaps, there could be a way of doing it via the portal.