Debit Card only works at some ATMs and not others (USA)


Today, I needed access to my money in order to take care of a bunch of things I had planned for today. I had to try 5 different ATM's until I found a working one (1 at a pharmacy, 3 in a bank, only 1 worked in a coffee shop). Was told over the phone that alot of customers are having the same issue.


What exactly is going on here? I'm lucky I live/work in a big city, where it's easy to find an ATM machine. I'm not comfortable using this card anymore, how can one, say, take a road trip, not knowing if they'll have access to their cash when they need it? What is being done to correct this?


@DSilence, I'm sorry to hear of these difficulties. I do need you to send us a private message so that we can provide further assistance. To enable messages, please click on your username at the top right hand corner, then settings, turn on private messages and save. This will then enable the envelope icon to send us a message. I look forward to hearing from you soon! ~ Samantha