So I'm checking out and my card was declined. I checked to make sure I had sufficient funds and even moved more over before trying again. I was declined again. I tried the ATM and that didn't work either. So I called customer service and it said the estimated wait time was an hour then it hung up on me..... What is going on? Something must be up with Debit cards today.


I just had the same issue at my local grocery store. Plenty of money in my account. Came up decline and reason was invalid transaction. After serval attempts it came up as credit card faud. How embarrassing. Thankfully I had another form of payment. I'm currently on hold for about 30 mins now.
Ok, I'm not crazy. Mine just did the same to both my wifes card and my card. I tried to call, 1 hour wait.....
K Linette...you're a lucky one...customer service line keeps disconnecting on me "due to unforseen circumstances". If you you happen to get some info please share, since it seems USAA isn't sharing any info.
Just read in a more recent post someone talked to customer service and there is no ETA on a fix but they are working on it...just,thought I'd spread the word. Also someone else posted that one of their cards is working but not the other....hope this helps

UPDATE: We apologize for any members whose debit cards were declined for a short time this afternoon. Members should be able to use their cards as normal. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this caused. Thank you for taking the time to comment

Some transactions are working with my card and some arent

I'm very sorry to hear some of your transactions are working with your card and some aren't. Can you please confirm what error you are receiving for the transactions that are not working?

 Whats with the widespread service disruption? Cards are being declined- my wife cant purchase groceries and I need to feed my family!

Is there anything being done here? Need to make a deposit at my other bank.