I travel to Shanghai China 6-7 times per year.  Ever since I received the chip debit card, I cannot find a single ATM that will work.  I've had it and am ready to find another bank.  Is there anything that can be done?  I've even searched out Visa ATMs and had no luck.


@matt1976,  Sometimes merchants and ATM networks in overseas locations don’t update their systems as quickly as we’d like, and this can prevent members’ cards from being accepted. If you experience this while traveling, you can try another ATM in a different ATM network or bank, or you can initiate a cash advance from your credit card, which can be subject to additional interest and fees.  We want our members to be able to use their cards whenever and wherever needed. So if you run into this, please send us the last four digits of the card, the merchant’s name, the address, the name of the financial institution listed on the ATM if applicable, and the transaction date/time and dollar amount so we can help. ~ Samantha