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Our daily deposit limit was reduced to $1,000 overnight without warning.  Our accounts are in good standing and have always been in good standing.  In 17 years we have never had a single overdraft on our accounts and none of my checking accounts has ever overdrafted. 


This reduction virtually makes our checking accounts useless as one of us does not have direct deposit and we now cannot deposit our paychecks (which are maximum $4,000).  

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Thank you for your assistance.  The issue was resolved.  Appreciate the help.  =)


Hello and thank you for your concern regarding your Remote Deposit Capture limit. I'm sorry to hear that your limit has been reduced. We would be happy speak with you and address this concern. Please know that this limit reduction may not be a direct result of your account activity. If there are joint account holders on your account, their account activity may be impacting the limit that is being set on your accounts as a whole. At your earliest convenience please contact us at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 6:30am-10:00pm CT and Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm CT. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you!

My wife is the joint account holder. When I said “we” I was referring to both myself and my wife. Our account history is and has been pristine since we became members over a decade ago. My deposit limit has been a minimum of at least $10k for years now and at times has been as high as $25k. $1k is absolutely unacceptable, especially since we deposit over $150k per year between my wife and I at USAA, again with no issues until today.

My experiences with USAA have progressively gotten worse as time goes on. I truly feel it is time for a change. USAA is not the same company it was when I became a member as it has lost its focus around its members. I have also been reading many community posts and am also noticing that there are a lot more negative experiences with no positive outcome being discussed than positive ones.

It honestly hurts my heart to see what USAA is becoming as it was a company I both loved and grew up with. I have been a huge advocate of USAA and have personally gotten it many new members throughout my years. I unfortunately can not recommend USAA anymore in good faith as my recent experiences have been nothing but poor.

Thank you so much for your follow-up post. I'm unable to resolve your deposit limit concern through our social channel. We hope you will contact us through our phone channel with the contact information I shared in the previous response. I'm truly sorry for any disappointment or lack of confidence in us we have caused you. We certainly look forward to speaking with you and again I would encourage you to please make sure all account holders confirm if their activity is creating the limit decrease to your deposit limit. Thank you!

Just spent the first part of my day on the phone with USAA banking support (almost an hour). They told me there is nothing they can do to correct the limit because they only offer debit card support on Saturday. They also told me there was no explanation as to why the limit was decreased and nothing noted on the account to explain it. Once again another door shut in my face when calling USAA to solve an issue.

All I’ve heard nonstop lately from representatives is how USAA understands my frustration and to call a different dept or number to get an issue resolved. Following those steps ultimately just leads to more apologies and still no answers or explanations as to why what was happening was happening. In other words, USAA not only can’t correct the issues, most of the people I’ve spoken to can’t understand why the issue is occurring to begin with, much less correct the issue.

After another 30 minutes after the initial hour on the phone I have now been told that the only way to fix the deposit limit issue is to use online chat on USAA as they have the ability to raise the deposit limit.  Online chat is unavailable.  My other option is to write a written letter and send by postal service.  


I'm honestly speechless at this point...

I am sorry about that experience. I would like to take a look. I have reached out to a subject matter expert to review your situation. You will be contacted once additional details are available. Thank you,

Thank you for taking my call and for your continued patience. I will follow up as discussed. Have a great rest of the weekend! (=

Thank you for your assistance.  The issue was resolved.  Appreciate the help.  =)

Glad the issue was resolved! Have a great weekend! ~ Samantha