Customer value has no value when it comes to your credit.


 Appears I can buy a house and a car and even get approved for another car loan with USAA. I even have a credit card with them, but when asked to increase the limit or change the rates of my existing card they informed me they could not approve it, though I have never missed a payment with USAA.


I have all my business with them but did you know that your USAA data is available for a fee to known hackers through their credit partners Experian and TransUnion. For a fee they can get your social security number and birthday... all they need is a name, age, city and state . See the image to see what TransUnion presents (Equifax and Experian have a similar model). I know cause I attended the same presentation they did earlier this year by Kevin Mitnick an American computer security consultant, author, and hacker.  Makes me wonder how many "partners" have my data and why would the credit bureaus allow a known hacker to have access to my data if desired? Why if I have been a valued customer for several years now without missing any payments and own my home they fail to work with me and provide me the leadership expected of a military oriented bank and who of their partners controls what USAA thinks of me?   



@Owltech, I understand that you have concerns about credit limits, Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and USAA's relationship with the credit bureaus. Your concerns are important to us, and I'll be engaging a business expert to review them. Please allow some time for the business expert to thoroughly review each concern before conducting a follow-up with you. ~DC