Maybe I’m just a snowflake, but I’m a little offended I don’t get called by my rank anymore. Haha. Used to be one of the great things about calling USAA. Anybody else?


Trekcycler, I'm sorry we have not been addressing you by your military title. I have updated and you should see a change. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. - Janay


Did notice that on a piece of correspondance that I recently received from USAA. Haven't noticed it those very few times I call customer service.

We understand the importance of being addressed by your military rank, USAF_Ret. I have updated your profile, which should resolve this issue. Please let us know if you need further assistance. -Vanessa

Is this reserved only for those members that are retirees vs those who didn't retire but otherwise served honorably?

Hey Poolplayer75, thank you for reaching out to us today. We can address by either title or rank whichever the member prefers. I was able to locate your profile. Can you please PM me with your rank and I will get this updated for you? Thank you.

My rank should be in my profile. I did see a way to PM you but not in reference to this thread. I was just curious with USAA's policy with courtesies as I was address but rank while on active duty but that ceased after service. So, retired or not it's by request of the member or is the default by rank for retirees but on request for non retired service members?

Poolplayer75, you can certainly send us a PM by selecting the drop down menu next to your name at the top right of the screen and select  “Send New Message” by clicking the envelope icon in the same drop down.   If you preferred to be addressed by your rank, I am happy to make this modification. Simply say the word :)

I'm just the opposite, I wish USAA would STOP calling me by my rank... Some folks enjoy the "respect" or percieved prestige of their military accomplishments but many others feel it's sanctimonious and unnecessary. 

HI @DisasterGuy! If you would like, I'll be more than happy to notate your account regarding your preference? ~ Samantha