I've been told since November 9th that a manager was going to contact me about a banking issue. Today is the 14th and I still haven't heard from one person. I called USAA just now and was put on hold. For 40 minutes. Then told that yes my file does say I was supposed to get a call back and that they didn't know why I didn't. Then the person comes back and says that my file was noted that I was contacted. That is 100% not true. I was never contacted. Now it seems that the only way I can get support is if I make this public.


  • USAA froze my husbands payroll check last week
  • He gets paid on the 11th and the 25th and has deposited on these days for years
  • we were told that our account was frozen because we have a low balance
    • basically we're being pentalized for being poor
  • I called on the 9th and spoke to three Senior representitives, these are the options they gave me when I explained we have direct deposits coming out for bills that will bounce our accounts
    • apply for a credit card extension. I tried that, took the hit to my credit and was denied.
    • ask my mom for a loan. I did that too. Since we don't have a bank in state we couldn't do a cash deposit. We tried to wire money but it will take 48 hours for my account to be verified, by then the account will be bounced
    • deposit a check from my mom. which we also tried to do, but we were told that one would be put on hold and frozen too

This morning my husband was unable to go to work. Why? He went to put gas in his car and our account in negative in the hole so he couldn 't. We still have $1700 from a payroll check that USAA is holding and our account is in the hole. We also have a manager in Arizona saying that he contacted me when he in fact did no such thing. Someone is actually telling stories that they reached out to me and they have not. We also have my husband missing a full work day. We also have a car payment that was rejected. We also (still) have ZERO people from USAA that are willing to support this issue. Every single person that I've spoken to tells me that they don't have the authority to do anything. So we'll be moving our business elsewhere. It's obvious that your customer service has changed. You're a large company and you're messing with lower middle class people over $1700. And I still can't get a call back. Now I have fees that USAA is charging me because my account is negative. Unbelieveable. The only time anyone cares is when the world sees how wrong you are. Please have a manager contact me. Please keep your word. Thank you.


Unicorn1980, I am sorry to hear of your recent experience and the situation you are in. I have shared this with a colleague who will review and reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your understanding and patience as we review. - Janay