To whom It Concerns - Ive been a loyal USAA customer for nearly a decade.  You have always been there for me throughout my 21+ years of military service, no matter where my family and I travelled.  Your accomodations tailored toward military families have been second to none........until about 2 years ago.


Ive noticed a constant, consistent decline in the quality of customer service in all areas over this period of time.  Im not sure if there has been a change of management or what but everything has started to show a significant lack of ability and/or concern for the cusotmer.   Ive noticed significant problems with account balances and the manner in which transactions post and clear which have affected my entire family. I.E., a transaction will post, then disappear, then re-post a few days later, messing up my accountability.


 Glitches have started to show up in the mobile app that affect account balances.  When contacting customer service (SOMETHING I NEVER HAD TO DO UNTIL RECENTLY), Im lucky to get someone I can undertsand on the phone and when I do finally get someone that speaks clear english they rarely help. When I get passed off to another "team" I sometimes get a list of steps to help myself, but when those dont work, I can never get back in touch with the same person and there is ZERO CONTINUITY between phone calls so I have to start over....which means searching for someone I can understand.  


If it wasnt such a monumental pain in the rear to change banks, Id have already left but Im hoping this reaches someone who cares about quality over profit margin because Id like to stay.   This is a chance for you to keep me around and hopefully a wake-up call.


USAA, you are light-years from where you used to be regarding service and commitment to excellence for your customers.  I sincerely hope you take the necessary steps to remedy whatever it is thats happened to you recently.  I dont want to go through the PAIN of changing banks....but I will.





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GBE - I regret hearing this. Please know that this is never the experience we want for you or any member. I have located your information. I will review the details and contact you shortly. Thanks for speaking up today. - Jason

GBE -Thank you for taking the time with me on the phone today. Please feel free to contact us again with any questions or concerns. - Jason

More and more servicemen are leaving USAA for better banking services. Join the wave with Navy Federal where new customers are treated like royalty.
On my way out too after 26 years. Decline overall first noticed mid 2015. CEO Parker assumed from Mr Robles and in decline in quality, consistency across all products and services. Most of these responses on this forum are auto generated/canned social media process.- not real representatives. Just FYI.

Rescueme, I regret to hear that you are looking at leaving after being with us for so long and would like the opportunity to review your concerns if you would like. Additionally, please know that, although some of our replies may seem like auto responses, I can assure you that a live representative is reading and responding to each post. Please understand that due to privacy and security concerns on a public forum we may ask that you contact us via a more secure method and thus, I can see where this may give the impression of an automated reply. Know that we do have live representatives in our Social Media space available 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year! ~Michelle

Thanks, Getting-poor-service,


I might try Navy Federal, already have BOA (Bank of America) to fill USAA weak points.  As long as Navy Federal isn't going to multi point ID log ins, I will give them a look.  


Getting a USAA rep on the phone is getting harder, but at least I can still make it happen.  But, trying to log in, you'd think my account had several million in it.  


I'm not a big World of Warcraft fan, but when their accounts starting getting hacked, my brother had a little device that he carried around that had some kind of number generator on it.  As dorky as that sounds, that would be better than USAA's current log in process.

USAA's customer service is not the what it use to be.  It has to do with the type of people they hire.  It takes a special kind of person to work cutomer service, someone who really understands and cares about providing quality service.

The type of people that seem to work there are the type that are just there to get a paycheck.  The traits of a good customer service representative such as being competent, knowledgeable, and friendly seem to lack at USAA. 

Management better do something because a lot of my military buddies feel the same way I do.  So sad. 

Army dawg, thank you for your feedback regarding our employees. We strive to provide high levels of service and are sadden to hear that is not what you experienced. Is there anything we can look into for you?  If so, please let us know.  Thank you, Jen.

Leaving after 10 years of banking, customer service was outstanding back in the day - now it just plain SUCKS! As I was closing my accounts, I asked the rep - Aren't you even going to try to keep my business?? She came back with a snotty attitude to say it wasn't her job to keep my business!!?? WOW - I guess Regions bank is now going to have my direct deposits flow through their bank! Hahaha


Did USAA recently turn into a government ran entity that I hadn't heard about?!