I have been a USAA member for almost 30 years. I have recently been contacted by a third party regarding my recent search on the website for credit cards. I immediately contacted USAA only to be told that USAA is in fact using third parties to reach out to customers but is also using third parties to answer the phones period. I find this very troubling. I expect that when I contact USAA that I am speaking to a representative of USAA, not a third party that they are outsourcing their customer service calls to. We have to disclose personal information every time we contact USAA and I do not appreciate that being given to a non-USAA employee. I am seriously rethinking my insurance and banking with USAA.


Hello @Marlex97, I appreciate your feedback. Personally assisting our members over the phone is a vital aspect of our commitment to exceptional member service. While many calls are handled by USAA employees, more routine, transactional calls are handled by trusted contractors. This gives us a cost-effective way to manage unpredictable call volumes and gives our employees the time they need to build relationships with our members and provide financial advice and guidance. Rest assured the protection of your information is our top priority. It's our honor to serve your and your family and hope to continue to do so. -Lori