So, about two months ago my account with usaa was overdrawn for too long, so they put my husband's account(which I am joined with) on a credits only status until the balance was paid off on my account. I was able to transfer the money straight from his account into mine and the credits only status was removed immediately.
Fast forward to present day, and here we are again. I lost my job and allowed my account become overdrawn again and his account was placed into credits only. Well, I called to make the payment and to have his account removed off of credits only, only to be told that even if I pay the overdue balance on my account, it will still be three days before his account is unlocked. She assured me that whoever reinstated his account immediately last time was incorrect and that "they will receive a coaching" but that there in nothing they can do for me. So here I am, having been a week with his card unusable, and I have not only rent but also electric bill due and I'm expected to tell them oh sorry, but you'll have to wait three more days. I have had bad experience after the other with usaa and after this one, we will be closing all accounts with usaa as well as our insurance with them. This is ridiculous


Lbenford - I can see that this has been frustrating. I will review the situation and contact you shortly. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us today. - Jason

Lbenford - Thank you for taking the time with me on the phone today. Please feel free to contact us again with any questions or concerns. - Jason

I am in the exact same situation. I lost my job and my account has went into the negative. My checking account has been closed and my joint account and savings are in credit only status.I go back to work tomorrow and I want to set my joint account up to receive my direct deposit. From there I would pay what I owe for my personal checking with my first check and then open a new personal checking account. I have been unable to get anyone on the phone to explain how the "credit only" process works and I need to make sure that I will have access to my funds once the negative balance is paid for the other account. Any advice...very frustrated.

CStrib, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I hope that I was able to address each of your concerns. We remain available to assist if you have any other questions. Thank you for your membership and the opportunity to assist. Have a great first day of work! -Meredith

I by the way am a long term member even though their status says new,I also am in this situation but this wasn't our fault our savings was overdrawn because a payroll check was deposited and I am being told different things after the mobile deposit was made the account was good for a week then all the sudden it was negative usaa said two different things one was that the payroll bank returned it after checking with payroll they said it was never attempted to be processed then usaa said it was a image issue after mobile app accepted it a week prior. Then just yesterday I was informed again that it was a payroll bank returned from their bank regardless we paid off the account and still have to wait three days . Usaa had completely screwed us up and I think it's unfair that they are holding our money from us . To me it feels completely like it would be illegal. It's frustrating we have opened another local account and any new local payroll checks will now go there as usaa is losing our trust and they keep it seems putting us in bad situations. We also had experience with trying to change insurance Auto pays and had problems with that as well. So we will no longer do business with usaa insurance. Depending on what happens moving forward we are prepared in things with usaa does not improve to take our money elsewhere. It's sad honestly.

Acgh4life - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason