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For several month my credit rating has been yo-yoing for unexplained reasons. I have checked the credit reports and found no explanations, not even queries except from USAA. Yesterday I received a credit alert from Experian stating that I was now a credit risk and lowering my rating since USAA had reported me as a potential deadbeat. The Experian alert stated that I should contact USAA Savings Bank.

I immediately battled your so-called security to see my online accounts. Finding nothing to explain the alert I called USAA and went through another security drill to reach an automated telephone that connected me to nothing. Bypassing the non-operator to a human where I had to go through another security drill on a very bad line to someone with limited English who could have been anywhere between Costa Rica and India. He really didn’t understand the problem but saw no issues with my accounts. I finally got the call transferred to another person (another security drill) somewhere else in the ether. She couldn’t find why I had become a credit risk. By this time I was becoming extremely frustrated and asked that someone call me today.

I’ve received no call but this morning there was an automated USAA/Experian e-mail stating there was no change in my reporting, but didn’t return me to my previous rating.
I suspect that your automated computer program is talking to Experian’s automated computer program and your program is flawed. It appears that another service was poorly executed when USAA linked to Experian. It is possible however that there maybe a USAA human intervention in credit reporting. In either case I’ve lost sleep worrying over whether I’ll be able to buy a can of beans when I'm hungry. This is corporate senior abuse and demonstration of growing distrust of USAA by long time members. I expect that in the next financial crisis I may see reports of one or more of USAA’s overpaid board members arriving in Brazil with my meager savings. A tin can in the backyard is looking more attractive everyday, I'd only have to worry about gophers, not bad management.

With the recent climate extremes I’m actually becoming fearful that my elderly wife and I may become homeless, huddling in some doorway out of a storm. This is not how I envisioned spending my retirement after trusting USAA with my hard-earned money for over half a century.


@frank d, I understand that you have concerns about credit reporting. Your concerns are important to us, and I will engage an expert to review the situation. I see that you have been a USAA member for many years, and I want to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. ~DC