Credit limit decreased, Experian says they didn't do it USAA is destroying my credit score


I have been working on my credit score to buy myself and wife a house. been paying off the credit card to do this and just recently got my credit score to a great place after 8 years of working on it after leaving the Army. I got a graduation gift of some money and decided to pay down more of the credit card and than USAA dropped/decreased my credit limit. They said it was Experian as well that did this, called Experian they said they had nothing to do with it. USAA is going to lose all my business, my wife is an MD and I was praising her about USAA and we were going to make USAA our main account and get our mortgage through them, after this, I am rethinking their commitment to customers. I have never missed a payment, never gone over the credit limit, my score is higher today than when I


Hello and thank you for sharing your concern in regards to your credit limit decrease. What I can share with you is that we regularly review credit card limits to ensure the credit limit is appropriate for each cardholder. We made this change based on a review of your credit report and account history with USAA. I'm glad to hear you've worked hard over the past 8 years to improve your credit score and certainly wish you and your wife my best in finding your home you are looking to purchase. Thank you and please let me know if you have additional questions for me.

Why would you lower or decrease a persons credit score when they are making more money today than when you issued the card and have a higher credit score today then back then. Your response is generic and has no answers. I could understand if i had a zero balance checking and no job. But my wife and i clear 6 figures a year and you lower my creditcard and hurt my credit score.

Zter, I can understand your frustration, when reviewing an account we take many factors into consideration, such as your credit profile, ability to repay debt, and payment history. USAA Savings Bank regularly reviews credit card accounts and makes adjustments when necessary. I regret that the review has had a negative effect on your account. To ensure minimum inconvenience, we considered recent statement balances on your account, debt to income ration, credit score and debt to payment information as well as your history with USAA. Because we value the relationship you have with USAA, you continue to have credit available on the account. We find that USAA's credit lines and credit card remain very competitive. While other financial institutions are closing accounts, we are finding ways to keep your credit line open. I would encourage you to review your credit reports if you have not done so in over a year to help ensure that there is no incorrect information being reported. You may also request a copy of your credit reports for free at Please let us know if we can be of further assistance ~Michelle