On Saturday 3NOV18 my credit card was declined at a PX. I received a text asking if I had made the purchase that was declined, to which I replied "yes", and received a thank you text in return. I tried to purchase again thinking my answer that yes I did make that purchase would have reactivated my card, but again it was declined. I tried to contact USAA to find out why, but the customer service line was closed until Monday. (I was later told I should have known it was a fraud issue and it should have directed me to them) That meant I had to wait through the weekend with no money, because I had left my debit card at my home of record 6 hours away, thinking I would just put money on my credit card while I'm away for a couple weeks and only travel with one card. Monday came, and I was told they had resolved it. I went to make a purchase that afternoon at the shoppette, and was again declined. I called again, and after a thorough conversation proving my identity, the agent sat on the phone while I made my purchase. They also "allowed" me back online to access my account, although they changed my PIN. Yesterday, for the 3rd time in 4 days, I was again declined when trying to make a purchase, this time at the commissary. Standing there in uniform with $100 worth of groceries, I called USAA again and was told that my account is under a completely different fraud investigation and I will not have access to my account or money for 48 hours. I repeatedly told the agent I wanted to speak to someone that could tell me WHY fraud was suspected, as this is my account and my money and I would think I would have the right to know if there was a problem, and she repeatedly told me no one could talk to me because the fraud division doesn't speak to customers. I don't think I have to explain how embarrassing it is to be in uniform trying to make a purchase and be declined, but to have it happen 3 times in 4 days, I can't even begin to explain how humiliated and infuriated I am. When this is resolved, I will finally close all USAA accounts. Every time I have an issue I try to explain it away as if it doesn't happen that often compared to other banks, but it does. At least with another bank I can physically walk into the branch to get an answer. Thankfully I have friends to help me, while the bank where I made the mistake of trusting with my money has completely failed. As of this morning, I received an email stating I had a message from USAA which I assumed meant I could finally log back into my account. I thought that message would have been the explanation for why fraud was suspected twice and why I had no access to my card for 4 days, but after making it through all the security checks and changing my password and PIN again, there was no explanation given. I would also like to mention, that because they completely shutdown my access to my own account, I wasn't even able to leave this comment until now.