Will USAA every allow a product change between credit cards without the member losing their credit history?

I’m currently paying an annual fee I would like to avoid by changing to a fee free card without losing my years of credit and payment history.

If I’m forced to close the account to avoid paying another annual fee then I will take my business else where. I would prefer to stay with USAA as they have been great to me these years


Hello @Acme_fireworks. I understand your concern regarding your credit history being impacted by closing an account that has had years of history. We offer different types of credit cards to suit different priorities and needs, each of these has their own terms and conditions that are agreed to when the application is approved and accepted. Due to the terms and conditions of the account type you originally applied for, the card type can not be changed without a new application and acceptance of terms. I hope this is helpful, thank you. -Emily

I understand that and did in fact agree to those term. What I’m asking is, will USAA ever change that policy to allow a product change between their credit cards? Not a single one offers that option and yet, virtually every other credit card company does.

I can definitely submit your feedback @Acme_fireworks. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen to offer us ways to better help our members in the future. Thank you. -Emily

I do hope they take our feedback seriously. I’m paying an annual fee I would rather avoid. If I have to close the card just to avoid that then I’ll be opening an account elsewhere

They probably don't.  I am reading post complaining about this issue that date back to 2016.  Looks like it is falling on deaf ears as it is the same scripted responce from usaa on all of them.

@bobhoncho, we appreciate your post.  At this time, there are no changes being made to the credit card history. History is tied to each account.  If a new one is established, new history is created from that account.  As always, we will ensure feedback regarding this is reviewed. Should any changes happen in the future, we will make our members aware.