I pay on my credit card every two weeks when I get paid (Fridays). I've had this credit card since November and been using Bank of Americas bill pay service to pay on this credit card as with all my other bills.
I've made a recent payment on 25 Jan to pay down my balance to somewhere of 5% utilization. Its Tuesday morning and the payment hasn't posted to my account. All my other payments in the past have posted sometime on Saturdays. Other credit cards I have already posted my payment to my account except for this card, what is the deal here? As I mentioned earlier, I've paid on this card in the past the same way with no all of a sudden I make a bigger payment and the money is in limbo?!? I could understand if i sent a personal check or used a different bank to make this payment, but that's not the case. Please enlighten me on this!


Thank you for reaching out to us today @mrallencaI understand the urgency of your situation. To provide you with the best service, I would recommend that you chat with us by going to Ask USAA on your account summary page. Due to security and privacy restrictions, I'm not able to provide account specific details via social media. Thank you. -Emily