Credit card fee. cancelled to avoid fee but then...


today is 3:20 I called at 12:14 pm. I called the credit card service and spoke with Tamara(who said she didn't have an id number). I told her I wanted to cancel my secured credit card to avoid paying the $35 fee they charge on the anniversary date. She said no problem. I asked her if there would be a penalty. She said I would lose the interest gained my account and that would be it. She says she does everything and that it is set to cancel but that it will take 4-15 businesses days.  AND THAT I WILL BE CHARGED $35.....

I called to cancel to avoid paying the fee! It made zero sense. I asked her about it and she couldn't answer my question. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager. She said they weren't there so she would transfer me to resolutions. AND BEFORE SHE LEFT THE CONVERSATION WITH THE NEW REPRESENTATIVE I ASKED AGAIN...but she left the line. 


I was transferred ( I am at 40 minutes of being on the phone at this point , 5 of them with Carrie or Terri) to Carrie(or Terri) K ( Id:596-38)

She said she would assume that it was asked to be canceled before the anniversary date but that she was going to check to make sure. She said she would try to give me a call back when she received the answer. She told me hopefully by the end of the day. It's now 1:01 pm. So we'll see. 


But I still can't make sense of the whole situation. I called to cancel to avoid a fee and after it all goes through, I am told I would still have to pay $35. No one thought to mention that. I had to ask after being told it would take 4-15 business days. If I hadn't brought that up I would have received a $35 charge on my account and ??? Just makes no sense. 




UPDATE; the representative called me back at 1:10 pm. Told me since it was canceled before the date I shouldn't be charged and she also put a note on the case just in case. 

She was actually helpful and not lazy like Tamara. She actually wanted to confirm info so that she could tell me the right thing. it was nice that she actually called back within 10 mins. I did not expect that it was great service. She was also super kind even when I know I sounded irritated on the phone. Honestly her voice calmed me down just because I felt like she actually cared but I wasn't sure because of what i just dealt with from the previous representative Tamara(who doesn't have an id number, I don't think thats true but whatever).


BUT THEN...she actually called me back on the same day. awesome for calling back within 10 minutes, didn't expect that. Hold on to her! she was so pleasant. 


fixitalready, thank you for sharing your experience with us! I'm glad the last representative you spoke with was able to follow-up with you regarding your inquiry. I was able to locate who you spoke with and passed along your appreciation to her and her manager. Thank you again for sharing this with us; your feedback helps us provide better experiences for all our members. -Marisa