I travel with my RV every winter and am unable to receive any mail.  Having my credit card expire while I am traveling is extremely inconvenient.


In December, a USAA representative informed me that it was impossible for a new card to be cut and mailed to me ahead of the renewal cycle.  


In January, another USAA representative informed me that it is impossible for my new card to have an expiration date other than February.  Evidently, all renewals cycle are for 60 months and a 63 or 57 month renewal cycle is impossible.


Presumably this inflexibility somehow benefits USAA, but how? 




@MElaxRef, Thank you for taking the time to post. I also understand the need to have your renewal credit card prior to the expiration. As previously mentioned, credit cards are valid for 60 months from the month the card is renewed. Regrettably, there is no option to change the renewal cycle. The only way to receive a card more than 60 days prior to the renewal would be to cancel your current card and issue a new card which will contain a different card number and expiration date. I will share your concerns regarding this matter with our credit card team. Feedback is important as a means for us to improve our products and services. - Ben