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I have held several credit cards with USAA for a very long time and have only had one increase during that time. Just to be clear, I have never paid late or gone ever my credit limit. I find your policy on credit limits and reviews to be broken. I would expect that a credit limit increase to have been several times based on length of history of the account. Finally, if one wants to perform or request a rate reduction they should be able to go thru this process. I was advised by your office that if I wanted a rate decrease I would need to close and open a new card. That’s just crazy and potentially harmful to your member. If I have carried said credit card for 10 years and was forced to close the account to open a new account the average credit age would be dramatically effected. This is failure on your policy and should be an obvious concern.if the account was only a few years old I can accept that but seriously bad policy


Thank you for your post in our Community, batman23. I'd like to review your concerns further. Please allow me a few minutes to review  your profile. Once my research has been completed, I'll post a message in the secure message center on the USAA website. The message should be available in your Inbox within 30 minutes. Thank you - Tricia

In response to the information that was provided. It is a failed policy that you follow and bring no value to the member.

Wanted to add my personal experience. I have had a USAA secured card for 4 years now with 0 Bal. Last year I applied for an unsecured card because USAA does not unsecure cards. (Bad Policy) And was approved with the highest int. rate and a small credit line. I noticed there was a mistake on my credit at that time in which USAA based there decision for credit. I disputed this and sued the company reporting the negative information and finally they removed all info from my credit report. Since then I have an average credit score of around 760 to 780. I tried calling to request as a courtesy if my int rate can be lowered and credit line increase with out having to do a hard pull based on several factors, wrong information on my credit at no fault of mine which since has been removed, relationship with USAA,  0 balances with USAA, Never been late. I just called and agent was kinda of rude with her responses. Bottem line, Exceptions should be made. Hopefully some one at USAA reads this and calls me with a response and good news..

kensr05, I appreciate you taking the time to post. In order to reduce the APR on your account, we would be required to change the terms and conditions for your account. USAA is currently not changing the terms and conditions for any of its existing accounts nor can we make any exceptions. You are welcome to apply online at your convenience for a new account to see if you qualify for a lower APR. - Ben


Just wanted to add my 2 cents to your generic response. Changing my interest rate in no way changes the terms and conditions to my account. In your terms and conditions USAA clearly stats that they determine INT rate by adding a margin to the prime rate. Margin is determined by USAA. No where does it state that once a margin is calculated it cannot be changed. So your explaination is moot. I do not wish to apply for a new account with USAA because I have 2 credit accounts in which hard pulls on my credit were already done. I am needing to conserve my credit becasue of certain plans. Asking for a credit increase with out a hard pull shouldnt be so hard to do. Please take the time to send my messages to someone who actually can make future changes to USAA's dated policies in order to better service their members.